Hey, there. I’m Darice.
I am a certified meditation and yoga instructor
transformational mindset mentor.

We all are interwoven in this tapestry of life known as humanness. 

Being human is definitely no cake walk if you are not in alignment with who you are at the core of your being -
the you that’s aligned with your values.

I am here to help you move from
chaos and stress
clarity and direction.

Whatever pain you are facing, you are not alone.

We all experience a vast range of human emotions.

I have learned from it all - the pain, sadness, regret, shame, guilt. Calming the chaos and using that energy to live in appreciation of this life.  

The key is finding forgiveness.  

We must learn to forgive ourselves before we can forgive others.  

Sitting with the resonance of our actions.  

Clearing away the piles of debris from our ruminating thoughts.  

Learning the only way to cultivate more love and joy in our lives is to literally turn the switch on all the feelings we have been holding onto for so long.  

What we need to realize is no one is you and that is your power.
This is your life - reclaim it. 

After all, in the words of Ram Dass, “We are all just walking each other home.”

I’m Darice.
I am a certified meditation and yoga instructor, reiki healer and transformational mindset mentor.